What We Can Learn From Kylie Jenner!

Nowadays, social media users have access to thousands of different social media platforms which has opened multiple opportunities for brands to win over their interest and grow their businesses. However, the overwhelming amount of social content that users are being bombarded with have left them feeling unsatisfied as there is no real connection being established. Social media content should focus heavily on the lifestyle and interests of content users. By prioritizing followers, this allows room for engagement and the majority of social media users will feel satisfied because its relatable content. Without understanding the principles of social media engagement and the core foundations of building a following, it can be hard to reach a successful point in the business world of social media, hence WHY building those online relationships are so vital!

Having the intention of making sure a brand has a unique personality of its own is such a crucial step in building that client relationship. Social media revolves around personality and having an identity. Without having an identity, it could be very difficult for others to express interest towards what brands are being shown on their social networks. To help build an identity, sharing personable content has been proven to be an effective method in reaching multiple content users on a daily basis. Many social influencers that we see today have built their brands around their identity which has helped with the sales of their brand. If followers have a feeling of relatability towards a brand’s identity, it helps them develop a desire to interact or support that brand! Take Kylie Jenner and her brand as an example.

Kylie Jenner utilized certain organic social media strategies when launching her brand. Having the ability to connect with her fans, she believed in making business decisions based around pleasing her fanbase and putting herself in the shoes of how a consumer would view her products. Her consistency on posting about her brand, made her identity more relevant while keeping that engagement active among her followers. Without having those essential relationships with her social media following and not holding any comparison towards competitors, her success may have been short-lived. Kylie’s strategy worked successfully due to her brand and her following connecting simultaneously about a relevant topic that holds importance towards both parties!

At Denali, we understand the importance of having an identity on social media. By taking several digital approaches via social media, businesses reach their target audience as high quality content is delivered and we prioritize real time engagement across your platforms. In an attempt to build memorable content, innovative strategies are executed so brand loyalty will never be questioned again! However, feedback from followers is just as important and those relationships are being built. Every and any opportunity that presents itself should be capitalized on; this is why every interaction is taken into such consideration as it could be the one to make a company go from just “alright” to absolutely unforgettable!

Versatility shouldn’t be an issue either when exploring digital marketing options with us. Having a background in all social media platforms, we want to take full advantage of using these platforms as they will allow us to expand brands across multiple platforms and help with growth. Companies don’t have to be fully established either. Working with established and non-established companies, we have some of the most experienced knowledge and know what should be required from a digital marketing agency. Scheduling a consultation will provide more insight on what services are offered and what can be expected with having assistance from a digital marketing agency!

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