How to Grow Your Business 5-15x Through LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is a thriving and growing community of over 500 million members, with over 50,000 new members joining the platform daily. Approximately a quarter of LinkedIn user profiles involve senior-level executives and officials, making LinkedIn a great place to get in contact with high-level ranking individuals on the site.

However, there’s a quandary in this, as most users often dismiss the content marketing because of the mass amount of individuals who are aggressively attempting to sell their goods on the site. This said, how do you stand out? Simply create a strong profile, a positive atmosphere, and targeted/thoughtful content marketing.

Most individuals are huge skeptics and require approximately seven distinct connection points with a business in order to build up enough trust to make a purchase or investment decision. These touch points can come in the form of relatable content marketing, video creation, blog posts, or anything else you can think of. Effective content marketing generates long-term leads that can maintain and foster your desired target audience.

By producing and sharing useful and powerful content on social media, you effectively create opportunities to maintain your audience and keep them coming back for more during their lifetime and your business lifespan. Furthermore, however, for new customers, your content will have pre-convinced individuals that you have the expertise in your various field and promise to provide a positive consumer experience.

This said, here is how to start your content marketing experience on LinkedIn!


This is the most important step. Before diving into content creation and strategies for developing your business, you need to have a goal or else it’ll all be aimless.

Decide whether to:

· Generate more customer leads.

· Increase online engagement.

· Promote and advertise your service.

· Connect with potential clientele.

· Drive traffic to your website.

· Develop a community around the brand.


TYPES OF CONTENT ON LINKEDIN LinkedIn’s algorithms are very complex and only prioritize content that keeps you on the site. This said, it’s important to prioritize native content and take advantage of this. This said, we highly recommend that you maintain a content ratio that doesn’t completely skew the algorithm, mixing in a 90-10 ratio of high-quality content to promotional content. Additionally, we recommend creating a variety of content, from videos to GIFs, as LinkedIn may detect your profile as spam if you simply post the same types of media formatting consistently.

Here are the different various types of LinkedIn content platforms you can use for your business page:


For some reason, articles are currently buried by the algorithm. Additionally, they’re not even allowed to be published by companies, which makes it probably one of the most irrelevant content sources on the market right now. However, we believe that it’s still worth posting them to keep your priority high in the LinkedIn network.

We recommend using LinkedIn articles as an occasional balance between the influx of videos and photos that you’ll be posting. This said, what should you put in an article?

· A promotional article for a product that your or your business is selling.

· Various upgrades that you have made on your site or social media pages that might garner more business.

· A link to a video or photo that you have created, giving a short summary about that video/photo.

Text and Photo

These types of posts are extremely important on LinkedIn and come in as a close second. However, here’s the key: avoid adding redirects or links to external websites within the text of your post. Instead, simply add the external link to your comment section.


LinkedIn videos have the highest priority in the news feed because LinkedIn is actually attempting to compete with YouTube and Twitch as the apex of video sharing, attempting to find its niche in business marketing content.

This said, be sure to include subtitles in each video and add a small summary or associated article in the description. Many individuals will be watching these videos at work, so make sure to take advantage of that. Additionally, attempt to cater to the general attention span and make your videos shorter.


I’ve given you great ideas for content and how to utilize it. However, you need to have a mix of different themes and topics in order to optimize engagement! If you simply exhaust writing about one topic such as sales or customer leads, people will inevitably pay less attention to your page.