Use Instagram Stories to Increase your Audience & Boost Your Business!

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

In today’s day and age, social media can be a very useful tool in expanding your business’ reach and using audience-relations to boost following. Appropriately used, social media sites like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook are a powerful tool in a thriving businesses arsenal. Here are a few tips to start your business growth through Instagram stories.

Show "Behind the Scenes" of your Business

Your Instagram feed shows the professional, structured side to your business. Instagram stories are the more gritty day to day things that happen within your company. Take your audience in a day in the life of your business. Bring them along to creative content meetings or give them ideas into the thought process of your business. Show them what it's like to work at your company. Make sure your story is authentic and real, but also be careful of what you are showing. Keep it professional in what you say and do. Social media is forever, even if the stories disappear in a day.

Give "Sneak Peeks of New Products or Packages

Instagram stories are a perfect way to showcase new products you are selling! Because the story is temporary and will disappear, it gives the illusion of a mystery. Share a picture blurring the item or build the hype by slowing revealing the product in a set of close up of your product. Using Instagram stories is a quick and easy way to gain attention to your new products. Showcase specific products that are specially featured in your business. Highlight promotions or new sales that are high value and ready for delivery! Also, increase the value of your packages by posting live videos from reveal events or promotional events of your business.

Use Instagram's Interactive Features

Instagram has developed in the way that it allows story-posters to interact with their audience. They have come up with fresh ide

as to keep the contact going between the two parties. Using the features such as the question stickers, "shoppable" tags, polls, and the heart feature increases user traffic on your story and in turn promotes your page. Keeping your audience engaged is a great way to keep followers and grow your following. People like to feel included in decisions and to see that their voice matters. Additionally, there is a countdown feature on Instagram stories that is perfect for product or package release dates.

Share Location and Use Relevant Hashtags

Users like feeling involved. Using location tags can not only boost your business in your current position but also show your followers important locations like your business location, pop-up events, or interviews. Also, using hashtags can help drive people to your business. Using the correct hashtags are very important. Relevant hashtags can push your business to the next level.

Create Mini Stories

Engage your audience by posting mini stories on your Instagram. Use Instagram to your advantage by showing a timeline of an item release or preparations for a big event. Let them see how things are put into motion. Don’t make these stories too long or strenuous. Make sure it invites your followers to continue watching.

Using Instagram stories is an excellent way to boost your account and gain more attention to your business. Denali Marketing Media can help you with engaging and interacting with your followers for your business. We specialize in advertising across all social media, not just Instagram. Contact us today to find out how Denali Marketing Media can expand your social media reach!

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