Are Algorithms for 2020 weighing heavily on spending habits of 2021!?

Updated: Dec 17, 2020


In 2021, expect social platforms to heavily weigh users’ social shopping behavior.

The numbers are in, and Influencer Marketing just got a LOT more valuable.

In a recent survey, "82% of consumers report they've either purchased, researched, or considered purchasing a product or service after seeing influencers post about it on social media. Of course, the pandemic has certainly accelerated customers’ comfort with shopping online and various product delivery and collection methods."

Influencer partnerships can help brands leverage this upcoming algorithm change to drive more highly-engaged consumers to their social profiles. Add a new shopping feature to Instagram and the eCommerce really starts to boom.

Content that comes from a trusted influencer that a user has chosen to follow is proven to drive sales as well as brand awareness. Which is why brands invest in their Influencers to deliver out entertaining/educational content of their products. According to Geometry Global, "consumers are 94% more likely to trust the opinion of an influencer over their friends or family when it comes to making shopping decisions."


Short Form Video & the Rise of Shorter Ads

Even though consumers are spending more time than ever on social media, we’re also seeing attention spans become shorter and shorter. This has given rise to the star of 2020: Short form videos.

With the explosion of TikTok short form video content was Queen in 2020 and the algorithms are adjusting accordingly. Shorter attention spans also mean shorter ads...six-second ads, to be precise. A recent study from Magna Global found that "six-second ads are just as effective, if not more so, as their 15-second counterparts. Consumers reported 6-second ads were more memorable and less intrusive, making them much less likely to be skipped over than 15-second edits."

What do you think about the new normal in online shopping? Has this new resource of online shopping been helping or hurting your wallet?

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